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Immigration Rights Advocates Rally Outside Rep. Dan Lipinski's Office

(CBS) -- About 30 immigration rights advocates rallied Saturday in front of Congressman Dan Lipinski's Southwest Side office.

Although Lipinski says he will support a comprehensive immigration package, should it come to a vote, the protesters want him to take the lead and push for a vote on the bill, which has stalled in committee.

Among the protesters was Maria Perez, who said that her husband, Brigido Acosta, was deported in November, despite having no criminal background.

Immigration Rights Advocates Rally Outside Rep. Dan Lipinski's Office

Perez said she has since lost her job and her house, her daughter is in deep depression and their four-year-old son does not understand why the only way he can see his father is through Skype. She said it has transformed her from a bystander to an activist.

Lipinski's office was closed at the time. Lipinski for years was an opponent of the immigration bills before Congress, saying they would do far too little to protect the border from illegal crossings. But last month he signed a discharge petition seeking a House vote on a Senate immigration bill.

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