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Illinois releases "naughty list" of rejected vanity license plates; no BONER or IOWASUX

Illinois releases 'naughty list' of rejected vanity plates
Illinois releases 'naughty list' of rejected vanity plates 00:56

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Picking a vanity plate might give you the chance to show off your creativity, but it can also put you on the "naughty list" if you pick something too racy.

The Illinois Secretary of State's office said it has rejected 304 requests for vanity plates this year, either because they were too offensive, or too confusing for police to read when checking plates on the road.

Among the plates rejected this year as too obscene or disparaging: EATBUTT, BONER, MILFS, WOOPASS, POOPSY, DZNUTZ and IOWASUX.

"I appreciate the creativity and pride Illinoisans take in choosing their own customized license plates, but they must meet the standards of good taste and decency," Secretary of State Alexi Giannoulias said. "We keep an eye out for anything tawdry, lewd or offensive, all of which are rejected and placed on our permanent rejection list."

Staff at Giannoulias' office flags vanity plates that could contain expletives, racial slurs, references to drugs or sex, or suggestions of violence.

Examples of plates deemed too difficult to read, and potentially problematic for police: XKXKKXK or QOOQQOO.

The state keeps a list of rejected plates, which currently stands at more than 7,600 plates deemed too offensive or difficult to read.

If you want to order a vanity or personalized license plate, you can use the Pick-a-Plate feature at Just remember to keep it tasteful and easy to read. Vanity plates, which contain only letters, cost an extra $94 on top of the standard plate fee, which varies by vehicle type and other factors; personalized plates, which contain letters and numbers, cost an extra $47.

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