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Illinois Residents Cross Border To Indiana To Buy Fireworks

(CBS) -- With the Fourth of July coming up, lots of Illinois residents are making run for the Indiana border to by fireworks.

CBS 2's Chris Martinez reports that from the biggest bang to the best in show, Greg Kaplan has just about everything you can imagine.

"There's hundreds and hundreds of feet of different items in here," said Kaplan.

But much of it is off limits, depending on where you live.

"Wherever you take them, try to be legal, but really it's up to the customer," said Kaplan.

Most of their fireworks are legal in Indiana, but banned in Illinois. However, you wouldn't know it based on nearly every license tag in Krazy Kaplan's parking lot.

Many Illinois customers say the ban is mostly ignored where they live.

"It's silly in the sense that you can't have them because people do them anyways," said one Illinois resident.

Even State Police admit there's really only so much that can be done to enforce it.

"If we come across it we may look into it further," said Corporal Jones of the Indiana State Police.

"Independence Day is for freedom, right? So why shouldn't they let us celebrate it?" said Kaplan.

Kaplan says the two days before the holiday are his biggest for firework sales.

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