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Voter Turnout Stands At About 29 Percent In City For Illinois Primary

CHICAGO (CBS) – As the primary Election Day played out, there were few lines at the polls, and many voters who were there expressed frustration with the process.

And those complaints may have something to do with mild interest at the polls, CBS 2's Dorothy Tucker reports. In the city, turnout is expected to loom around 29 percent; Cook County anticipates a 31 percent turnout.

Some voters were appalled at the amount of money spent on campaigns-tens of millions of dollars, including a governor's contest that could become the most expensive in history.

"I was shocked at how much money was spent on the governor's race," said one voter. "It's sad people have to have a lot of money to run."

Another voter complained that despite all the campaigning, there were few facts available to make an informed decision.

At least these voters were among those casting a ballot.

Turnout among millennial voters was the lowest, at only 3 percent.

Voters between 54-74 had the highest turnout of 42 percent.

For others there was a bright spot.

Stephanie McDonald noted hat some of this year's candidates are young adults:  "I'm happy they're doing this and happy to see them lending their voices to something."

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