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Illinois Governor's Race: By The Numbers

By John Dodge

CHICAGO (CBS) -- The most important number in the race for Illinois governor is 51.

Bruce Rauner declared victory over Pat Quinn, after receiving 51 percent of the vote.

Quinn refused to concede, until all the votes are counted. However, as some of the facts below will show, the math is not in his favor.

Quinn Lost Ground In Cook

While Quinn easily won Cook County, his margin of victory was 112,000 votes less than in 2010. Considering he lost to Rauner by about 170,000 votes, that lack of support around Chicago clearly hurt him.

In 2010, Quinn beat Bill Brady by about 500,400 votes. This time, that margin was less: about 388,400.

Is 1.7 million votes the magic number?

In his 2010 victory, Pat Quinn received 1,745,219 votes, about 32,000 more than GOP challenger Brady.

Rauner's unofficial winning total (1,757,569) was very similar to Quinn's 2010 number.

In 2014, Quinn lost nearly 200,000 votes, with an unofficial total of 1,589,993, about 170,000 votes less than Rauner.

Rod Blagojevich and George Ryan also totaled at least 1.7 million votes in their successful campaigns.

Money Spent

The two campaigns raised and spent a nearly $100 million--about $66 million for Rauner and $30 million for Quinn. Those numbers are not even final tallies.

That's double the money spent in 2010.

Rauner himself poured in about $28 million of his own money.

Rauner spent $37.55 per vote.

Quinn spent $18.86 per vote

Nearly a shutout

There are 102 counties in Illinois. Rauner carried 101 of them.

Only Cook County went to Quinn, by a 65-33 percent margin.

In many Downstate counties, Rauner collected 65 percent to 75 percent of the vote.

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