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Illinois GOP Leaders Plan To Skip GOP Convention

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Some top Illinois Republicans plan to boycott their national convention this month.

Why? The Trump brand isn't wearing well with the local GOP.

Illinois GOP stalwarts, including Gov. Bruce Rauner and Sen. Mark Kirk will be conspicuously absent.

"There's just not a lot of support for Donald Trump right now among the leaders in the party," said former Illinois GOP chairman Pat Brady.

Brady will attend the convention, as a delegate for Ohio governor John Kasich.

CBS 2 is told by party regulars that the state GOP is in crisis mode, pleading with folks to fill seats in Cleveland.

Brady says Trump is the reason they are having trouble getting people to go.

"I just don't think he has the temperament to be commander and chief," Brady said.

"There's no enthusiasm for a candidate so disliked by the general public, particularly in a state like Illinois where he just gets creamed in the suburbs."

Jeb Bush delegate and former state senator Kirk Dillard won't be at the convention, but has a more charitable reason why some Illinois Republicans are skipping Cleveland.

"It's more than just Donald Trump," he said. "It's expensive. Not everyone can afford a mandatory five night hotel stay in a major city like Cleveland."

Brady says a big challenge for the party will be generating support for the rest of the Republican ticket in Illinois this November.

Kirk, who is facing a tough re-election fight, has made it clear that he's not supporting Trump.

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