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Pritzker Wins Illinois Democratic Primary For Governor

CHICAGO (CBS) -- J.B. Pritzker has won the Illinois Democratic primary for governor, defeating his main rivals Daniel Biss and Chris Kennedy.

"I am going to beat Bruce Rauner and together we will get Illinois back on the side of working families," Priztker told supporters Tuesday night.

"This campaign is about the fight for economic security."

Pritzker's main message: he is best able to beat Gov. Rauner due to his unified support from organized labor, his mainstream Democratic views and his wealth. For his part, Rauner was locked in a tighter than expected race in his primary.


Biss had successfully cast himself as the "middle class" candidate. Indeed he featured his modest Evanston ranch home in his TV spots. Given Biss' progressive credentials, he did an admirable job of fundraising, banking more than $3 million.

Kennedy self-funded about half of his $3 million insurgent effort. He staked his campaign on the need to change the status quo by blaming Illinois' most powerful politician, House Speaker Mike Madigan, whose 45 years in command is blamed for the state's fiscal woes and out-migration.

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