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State Budget Nears Approval, House Passes Stricter Gun Mandates

CHICAGO (CBS)--The House passed stricter gun-purchasing mandates today while the conclusion of a $38.5 billion spending bill awaits a Senate vote.

House members approved a 72-hour waiting period that would apply to anyone purchasing any kind of gun in Illinois. It would change the current law requiring only 24 hours for all types of guns except handguns, which require a three-day waiting period.

Senate Bill 3256 will go to the Senate next.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel released a statement in response to the bill saying, "Stronger, smarter state laws that regulate gun dealers, crack down on straw purchasers and keep illegal guns off our streets are long overdue. I am grateful to Senator Harmon and Representative Willis for advancing this issue of importance to every Chicagoan and every resident of Illinois. The ball is in Governor Rauner's court now. He can choose to make Illinois safer by signing this bipartisan bill into law or stand in the way of progress by vetoing it."

Meanwhile, lawmakers have until midnight Wednesday to pass a budget.

The proposed spending bill--expected to be on the Governor's desk tomorrow--includes $500 million for a new engineering campus at the University of Illinois in the South Loop, a $25 million scholarship plan for students in Illinois schools and $53 million for pipes and other upgrades at the Quincy Veteran's Home.

Legionnaire's Disease has led to the deaths of 12 veterans and sickened many other since 2015, reports CBS 2's Derrick Blakley.

Budget talks have eased compared to years past because the state has more revenue due to a state income tax Gov. Rauner opposed, Blakley reports.

"He is hypocritical if he's going to signs this budget," Rep. David McSweeney said. "I'm hoping he's going to change his mind and that the stories are false and that he's actually going to veto this terrible budget because it continues the tax cycle."

Lawmakers say the budget is balanced and doesn't include tax increases.

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