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IDOT Minuteman saves driver, passenger from fiery wreck on Chicago expressway

"Adrenaline took over, and just dove in and grabbed her"
"Adrenaline took over, and just dove in and grabbed her" 02:09

CHICAGO (CBS) -- An IDOT worker said he was just doing his job when he rescued two women from this burning car on the Kennedy Expressway.

 After nearly five years on the job, Thursday night was one to remember for a rescue tow truck driver.

The IDOT Minuteman came upon a firey crash and jumped into action.

"It sounds like we do the same thing, but every situation is different."

For a Minuteman on patrol, the situation can change by the minute.

"It's not like routine. I don't like routine. Like last night, it's supposed to be like an easy night, you know? You just cruise around."

Steve Newcomb was cruising the Kennedy Expressway overnight.

"I came across this crash which looked typical to start with, and then it just progressed from there."

Illinois State Police said the driver of a Toyota Camry crashed into a median. Newcomb assumed the car was empty.

"I seen the flames start coming out of the hood," he said. "I nosed up to the back of the car, and  then I could see down into the car, and I could see people moving."

Two women needed help.

"This girl's hunched over on the shifter, and she's like, 'can you help me? Please help me. My legs are broken.' She's like, 'I can't move,' and she was like in tears, you know."

Newcomb added, "There was flames coming out both sides of the hood, and smoke, you know, was pouring into the car, yeah."

In that moment, a Minuteman realized he had mere seconds to react.

"Adrenaline took over, and just dove in and grabbed her and went around to the other side and got the other woman out," Newcomb said. "I grabbed the mat that covered the spare tire to just give them something to lay on till the fire department got there."

State troopers said the women are seriously hurt but will survive.

"I was just thinking about getting them out of the car."

A lot of people have already attached the word "hero" to his name, but how does that sit with Newcomb?

"I think it's an exaggeration. I just did my job."

And the Minuteman got it done just in time.

"It was just a matter of minutes before it was just going to get progressively worse." 

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