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ICE Raids Could Begin After Postponement; 'People Are A Little Bit Better Prepared'

CHICAGO (CBS) -- After a two week postponement, it's possible ICE raids could begin in just hours, based on a series of tweets from President Donald Trump, threatening to deport those staying here illegally.

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With the help of a translator and without showing her face, one woman, a mom of six U.S.-born children and five U.S.-born grandchildren, has taken refuge in a Chicago church.

"She's afraid, scared. She feels like everything that she has done to stay here, it's not going to be worth it," the woman said.

Her fear is she could be taken from all of them by ICE raids.

Pastor Walter Coleman of Lincoln United Methodist Church has offered sanctuary to those concerned about deportation.

"We think that they're going to do something, whether it's massive or something that's a show," he said.

Coleman was bracing for raids two weeks ago. Since that time, he and other groups have flyered and helped educate the undocumented about their rights should the raids be carried out.

"People are a little bit better prepared and it's unlikely that they will get as many people as they would have gotten two weeks ago," he said.

Supporters of the president's plan say he's honoring campaign promises, enforcing laws that law enforcement has ignored far too long and is hoping to pressure lawmakers into lasting immigration fixes.

"They're working people. They work everyday. They take what comes. It's the kids that are scared, the kids that are really terrified. They don't know what would happen," Coleman said.

Activists were going door to door Saturday with advice for the undocumented that includes: stay silent until lawyers are present and don't sign a document you don't understand.

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