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Iain Armitage On His Favorite Part About Being 'Young Sheldon': ' I Love Pestering People'

Iain Armitage is no ordinary 11-year-old, the Georgia native is now on his third season of starring in Young Sheldon on CBS and and streaming on CBS All Access. Young Sheldon tells the story of The Big Bang Theory's Sheldon Cooper, growing up as a child genius in Texas.

CBS Local's Matt Weiss spoke with Armitage to hear how he's been holding up in quarantine and what's to come for everyone's favorite child genius.

MW: Hey Iain, how are you holding up with everything? 

IA: It's crazy, but I'm holding up! 

MW: Good, I'm happy to hear it man. So considering everything that has gone on the past few months have you been able to finish all the episodes of Young Sheldon for this season? Where are you guys at with production? 

IA: Well, episode 22 we didn't get to finish because the lot we filmed on was shut down from production. So our last episode we didn't get to do, that's not going to air. But the good thing is episode 21 is also really good place to stop the season.

MW: What have you been doing to fill up your time during quarantine, any new hobbies or anything like that? 

IA: Well a lot of stuff. I've been juggling a lot and I've been playing a lot. Juggling a lot. I've been doing a lot of stuff with paracord. It's been OK, I mean of course I wish we were under different circumstances. 

MW: Right, of course. So we know Ian's handling this very well, how do you think Sheldon would handle this situation? 

IA: Oye. I don't even want to think about it. Probably a lot of screaming about where's his Lysol is. I have no idea. A lot of freaking out. I don't even know what he would do. It's a tough one.

MW: Have you been keeping in contact with your co-stars at all? Have you been jumping on any video calls or anything like that? 

IA: We have viewing shows every once in a while. There's like 150 people on the calls. It's where you watch the episode that's going to air in that night and then we eat lunch while we do it. 

MW: Wow that's cool you all still get together like that. Speaking of new episodes, what can you tell us about this week's new episode? 

IA: This week's new episode is Sheldon really, reallyreally wants to go to college. He starts pestering Mary about it and of course, she thinks he's way too young. It's going to be a good old-fashioned Sheldon pestering someone episode. 

MW: [laughs] I think people usually enjoy those.  

IA: They're fun. 

MW: Is it fun for you to play Sheldon when he's in that mindset too? 

IA: Oh yeah! I love pestering people. 

MW: [Laughs] Last question before I let you go here, as part of a show that gives people a way to escape for a little bit with everything going on in the world. What does that mean to you to be able to give viewers an escape and provide some entertainment? 

IA: That's a really good question. I really enjoy itI love being able to make people happy and to let them escape from this whole craziness. I think it's always a very good thing when people can use entertainment to get away. Like during World War and World War II, a lot of new musicals were written to be able to cheer people up. I think that's kind of what's happening with musicals and with TV, well not musicals now, but hopefully after all COVID a lot of new shows will come in. 

MW: Well that's all I have for you Iain. Thank you so much and all the best, stay safe!Awesome talking to you 

IA: Thank you so much! You too!

Young Sheldon airs Thursday nights at 8:00PM ET/PT, only on CBS and streaming on CBS All Access. Check your local listings for more information.

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