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Hydrant Auction Raises Money For Kids Of Fallen Firefighters

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Unique works of art are being auctioned off to help families of those who gave everything in the line of duty.

One by one, the colorful, meaningful, individualized hydrants go from populous street corners to homes of their own.

It started as a pitch to the commissioner.

"He goes 'what about the hydrants' and I was looking at the hydrants and I remembered quickly the cows on Michigan Avenue and said, 'You know what, this might a good idea let's try it.' Unbelievable what's happened to these hydrants," said CFD Commissioner Jose Santiago.

And the money goes to kids whose parents died in the line of the city.

"We're literally changing lives. We have 23 kids in college right now," said Joe Ahern of The 100 Club.

Three of them belong to Helene Wood.

"He stood in my doorway, crying and telling me I needed to go to the hospital that something extremely bad happened to Tom and he couldn't say much else," she said.

Tom was Thomas Wood, a canine officer in Maywood. On October, 23, 2006 he was shot and killed. His killer is still unknown.

"It has been a good seven years because no one has forgotten him," said Wood.

And they won't as long as such groups are around.

A couple dozen were auctioned off Wednesday night. The lion's share will be auctioned off online beginning tomorrow morning through Sunday. For information on the auction, visit

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