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Hundreds Protest After Video Showing Laquan McDonald Shooting Released

(CBS) -- Hundreds of protesters took to the streets in reaction to the release of a police dash-cam video showing the shooting death of Laquan McDonald.

WBBM's Bob Roberts reports many of the protesters chanted "16 shots," the number of shots fired into Laquan McDonald resulting in the murder charges. Another, "Let my people go." That had to do with three arrests in the early stage of the protest during a scuffle with police.


Fr. Michael Pfleger was among the protesters.

"Why did it take a year for Anita Alvarez to come out and the feds still haven't come out?" Fr. Pfleger said. "It's unacceptable. You can't ask people to trust the system if the system is broken and the system isn't working. Servin should have been fired, this guy should have been indicted 13 months ago."

Officers refused to let protesters into the First District Police Headquarters and formed a human wall to make sure the protesters stayed out.

CBS 2's Audrina Bigos spoke to residents in the Auburn Gresham neighborhood where there weren't any protests, but there was outrage.

"It's hard to put in words," said Ken Anderson. "It makes me want to just stay out of the way and pray"

Some people are watching the video over and over, outraged.

"That's ridiculous," said Eretha Thompkins. "That's excessive force."

Doris Rose doesn't feel rage, she doesn't want to demonstrate.

"It doesn't anger me, it's just sad," she said.

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