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Humboldt Park Puerto Rican Center In Jeopardy Of Closing

CHICAGO (CBS) -- The future of a Humboldt Park Puerto Rican Center that has served the community for decades is in jeopardy. Local activist leaders say their investigation found that CASA Puertorriqueña owes over $850,000 to the city.

Because of the debt, the center is in the process of being sold to the highest bidder. Activists say they are calling for Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan to intervene with the pending bankruptcy proceedings to save the center.

"How did that come about? The community was never informed that there was taxes that need to be paid. They would have done everything possible," stated Senator Iris Martinez (D-20th District).

The office of the attorney general says they are currently looking into the Puerto Rican Parade Committee of Chicago over potential misuse of funds.

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