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Balfour Confessed To Hudson Family Murders: Girlfriend

UPDATED 04/27/12 5:00 p.m.

CHICAGO (CBS)--Murder defendant William Balfour confessed to the murders of Jennifer Hudson's mother, brother and nephew shortly after the killings occurred, a girlfriend of the suspect testified Friday.

According to prosecutors, the Hudson family members were already dead by the time Balfour's girlfriend said she saw him in October 2008.

Prosecutors say Balfour killed Darnell Donerson, Jason Hudson and Julian King in a fit of jealous rage on Oct. 24, 2008, believing Julia was cheating on him.

Shonta Cathey took the stand and said Balfour arrived at her home around 12:30 p.m. The first thing she said he told her was that she should tell anyone who asked that he was with her earlier, at 10 a.m.

Cathey says Balfour left her apartment for a couple of hours. When he returned, Balfour said "they got shot."

Cathey says she knew he was talking about the Hudson family members.

"I was looking at him crazy," she testified.

Then she described Balfour's confession, saying, "He said he went in and her brother rushed him and he shot him. He said the mother was calling his name running toward him and he shot her."

When Cathey asked about Julia Hudson's young nephew, Balfour said "he was outside."

"I said kids don't have nothing to do with grown folks stuff," she said.

Julian King was not found for three days, when a man walking his dog spotted Jason Hudson's stolen SUV and reported it to police. Julian's body was inside, covered in a shower curtain. He'd been shot twice in the head.

Cathey said she did not tell authorities about Balfour's confession because she did not want him to get in any trouble.

Throughout Friday's testimony, Jennifer Hudson hid her face in her hands.

There was a delay Friday morning as the judge heard an emergency motion from several media outlets asking for 911 tapes that have already played in court to be released.

Judge Charles Burns said he would rule on the 911 tapes on Monday.

On Thursday, a family friend of Jennifer Hudson testified Balfour repeatedly threatened to kill the Hudsons while attending a child's birthday party a couple months before the murders.

Robbin Myers, whose late wife worked with Jennifer's sister, Julia, said he and his wife were having a birthday party for their youngest son in August 2008. Julia, her son Julian King, and Balfour – her estranged husband – all came to the party. It was the first time Myers had met Balfour.

When he first saw Balfour, Myers said he thought he saw a handgun in Balfour's waistband. Myers said he did not want Balfour in his house, so he took him to the front porch and offered him a beer and a blunt cigarette, but Balfour declined.

As the two talked, Balfour said he wished Julia was nicer, like Myers' wife, and said he believed Julia was cheating on him.

Myers said Balfour told him, "I think my wife is cheating on me with somebody she work with. … If I find out that she cheating on me I'm f***ing her and him up.

During their conversation, Balfour lifted his shirt and showed off the handle of the gun in his waistband, according to Myers.

Prosecutors have said Balfour stole a .45-caliber Sig Sauer handgun from Jason Hudson and used that weapon to kill the family. Prosecutors showed that handgun to Myers in court on Thursday, and he confirmed it was the gun Balfour showed to him at the party.

On cross examination, Myers admitted that he didn't notify police about Balfour's alleged threats and that he didn't kick Balfour out of his house, even though he brought a gun to a child's birthday party. Instead he offered the him a beer and marijuana to get him to go outside.

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