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How Many Concussions Has The Newest Bear Had?

(WSCR)Just how many concussions has Shea McClellin suffered?

Check out this story from the Idaho Statesman.

Pushed into the spotlight, McClellin also found out about the seedier side of the NFL Draft.

A story began circulating that he had suffered three concussions at Boise State.

McClellin says that's not true. He suffered one significant concussion in 2010 at Wyoming and one mild concussion in 2009. He changed helmets after the 2010 injury and never had any more problems.

Even in 2010, he didn't miss a game.

"It could be a number of things," he said of where the misinformation originated. "It could be a team, it could be another agent. You never know."

Those are perhaps the three most important words when it comes to the draft.

You never know.

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