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Hobart Police Look For Answers After Unusual Incident Caught On Video

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Police in Northwest Indiana are looking for answers after an unusual incident was caught by a home surveillance camera last month.

It was just before 6 p.m. on Feb. 23rd. Police Lt. James Gonzales said a home surveillance system near 40th Avenue and Indiana Street in Hobart captured a strange incident where a woman was forced into a small SUV.

"The backseat passenger exits the vehicle and simultaneously the front seat passenger exits the vehicle," Gonzales said. "The backseat passenger was running away from the vehicle. The front seat passenger caught up to what appears to be a female on the video, picks her up, puts her over his shoulder, carries her back to the vehicle and puts her in the backseat of the car."

The vehicle, which Gonzales said looked similar to a Nissan Rouge, then sped away from the camera's view. Gonzales is hoping the release of the surveillance footage will generate more information from the public.

"There's no evidence that leads us to believe that anything serious has happened, but there's no evidence that leads us to believe that nothing has happened," Gonzales said. "We just want to put this information out to the residents and for the residents to call and hopefully give us maybe an innocent explanation of what occurred that evening."

Police are unable to get the vehicle's license plate from the video. Lieutenant Gonzales does not want to alarm the community, but he feels it is best to take precaution.

"I want to put the video out there to hopefully get a response of what actually occurred," he said.


The individuals involved in this incident went to the Hobart Police Department on Saturday and explained what occurred, according to their Facebook page.



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