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Hinsdale Middle School To Stay Closed This Week For Mold Cleanup

HINSDALE, Ill. (CBS) -- Hinsdale Middle School says cleaning up mold in the building will keep it closed through the week.

"Let me make it clear from the board's perspective and administration, the number-one issue at hand here is the health and safety of the students," District 181 School Board President Marty Turek told parents who packed an emergency meeting Monday night.

School officials said classes could be held at another school beginning Thursday, but details were being worked out. As for Hinsdale Middle School, it may not reopen until next Tuesday. The school was closed last Friday when a lingering mold problem was detected.

Parents expressed frustration that there had been previous problems with mold at the school.

Previously, in July 2012, mold was discovered in a bathroom. In August 2013, there was mold in 3 classrooms, CBS 2's Brad Edwards reports.

Earlier Monday,  Bridget McGuiggan, the spokeswoman for Hinsdale Middle School, says more staff than students have reported health issues that may be related to mold.

Hinsdale School To Remain Closed At Least Two More Days

"The majority of staff have reported health concerns."

McGuiggan says there are about 90 on the staff.

The school has been dealing with broken pipes and roof leaks - and mold. But McGuiggan says the mold problem goes back at least to this past summer.

If the school remains closed, McGuiggan says the district could set up temporary classrooms in another building in the community. But if the air quality is good, students could return to school late in the week and crews would continue some extra cleaning at nights and weekend.

"Everybody likes it when you get a day off school but after a couple of days it's better to get back to your schedule so then it's not as much homework," said Hinsdale Middle School student Kylie Torsberg.

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