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High Winds Damage Roof Of Park Manor Building

CHICAGO (CBS) --The spring snow storm also packed some high wind, enough to cause some damage in Chicago's Park Manor neighborhood.

CBS 2's Sandra Torres reports strong winds are to blame for blowing parts of the roof off a building in the 7200 block of South Evans Street, scattering debris everywhere.

CBS 2 Meteorologist Mary Kay Kleist says the area registered 56 mph wind gusts, which is tropical storm force.

It happened around noon and some of the tenants were inside the building when it happened while others watched from the outside.

Lavell Bolden says he saw the, "tarp of the roof just flying like a kite and then it came and crashed down over here, took the chimney off of that building, that house over there. The chimney came crashing down. Then a second gust of wind hit the front part of the tarp and it brought all of the bricks down on top of the building."

The building is blocked off and tenants won't be allowed back in until a city inspector says the building is safe.

The high winds also led to the closure of the Skydeck at Willis Tower.

Strong winds followed by periods of snow made for a miserable morning and afternoon for many.

"Fence in my backyard blew over so I was out fixing it in the snow storm and then by the time I finished fixing it, the sun came out," said Lee Griesbach.

An ongoing cycle that went on all day, from snow to clear skies in a matter of minutes.

"It was like just decide, just decide so I know what to wear," said Kathleen Otto.

It was especially frustrating for these newlyweds from Schaumburg. They planned for a spring wedding, knowing that in Chicago, that's not always possible.

"It was crazy," said Ilona Jarocz. What is it? Summer and fall and winter…a little bit of everything."

Fortunately- a break in the clouds allowed them to get the shots they wanted and once the snow came back, it made it an even more memorable occasion.

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