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Nightmare First Date? Tavern Will Help Ladies Who Use The Secret Code

(CBS) -- It's the one drink you don't want your new date to order during your first outing.

Some Chicago bars are using a new method to help protect women's safety.  CBS 2's Audrina Bigos shows us a secret code system that triggers a silent alarm if women feel they're in danger.

Inside New Line Tavern in the West Loop, Marisa Kersten noticed a sign in the ladies' room. It tells women how they can get assistance from the staff in event a first date implodes or is turning scary. They need to repeat some secret codes at the bar.

Staff member Justin Witalka explains:

"If you order an 'angel shot,' that basically means we will know to escort you to your car or the bus stop. For an angel shot with ice, that means we're going to call you an Uber or Lyft. For an angel shot with lime juice, that means that we will call the police, step in and intervene to make sure that customer is safe."

Kersten thinks it's a good idea because of the uncertainty with first dates.

"When you meet people online, you don't know what you're getting. It could turn into a bad situation," she says.

Since putting the signs up in two bars, owners say the bartenders haven't had to step in. But they're there, just in case.

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