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Harris: Dunn Visibly Frustrated With A-Rod

By Adam Harris

(CBS) -- The White Sox have lost 10 in a row, three games due to walk-offs, and all Adam Dunn wants to do is stretch and work on turning this bad stretch around - Alex Rodriguez got in the way.

"Yeah I think it's stupid that we have to talk about this (MLB suspensions,)" a visibly frustrated Dunn said. "It's 20 minutes before stretch. I don't want to sit here and talk about things that don't affect anyone on this team."

Rodriguez was in the building Monday after it was announced he will be suspended 211 games beginning Thursday. Rodriguez is causing a major distraction and the surplus in media doesn't help.

"These guys think they are not going to get caught, and apparently they're wrong," Dunn said. "Hopefully this is the last that we'll ever hear from things like this, but my guess is it probably wont be."

Dunn has gone on record before, asking "how stupid can you be?" in reference to players using steroids. It's almost as if Dunn sees players who use PED's as disrespectful to the clean players.

"It's baseball," Dunn said when asked if he wants to see this game clean. "This game is hard enough. Instead of dealing with this, that has nothing to do with me or nothing to do with anybody in this locker room, we could be doing other stuff."

Veteran first baseman Paul Konerko did not make a definite statement judging Alex Rodriguez, defaulting to a lack of information, but he does see some positive in today's suspensions.

"It is just a progression of things," Konerko said. "It will get to a point where it's as air tight as it can be... I tend to look at it big picture as far as the game and where it's at. The amount of testing we do now, compared to seven or eight years ago, it's really good."

Management's Reaction

White Sox GM Rick Hahn got in touch with his inner Jay Z on Monday when asked about Alex Rodriguez's suspension.

"You've seen this team play lately," Hahn said. "I've got 99 problems and A-Rod ain't one of them."

Hahn stood by that statement the enitre time we had access to him, but did answer how it can affect the game.

"If you look at it from a macro standpoint you see an extraordinarily strict drug policy that is having it's intended effect," Hahn said. "Its (weeding) out those who have cheated and it's punishing them accordingly. From that standpoint, I think it's a positive for the game. Obviously, when you see this many players suspended, it's a dark day, but at least the system is working and you can have faith in the product we see out there going forward."

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