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Happy Place Pop-Up Exhibit Opens In Chicago

CHICAGO (CBS) -- There is plenty of doom and gloom these days, but now finding your happy place can be easier than ever.

Happy Place, a 20,000 square foot pop-up exhibit, opened in Chicago Thursday. CBS 2's Audrina Bigos shows how the exhibit aims to put smiles on faces of all ages.

The pop-up exhibit is located inside Chicago's Noble Square neighborhood and includes 13 brightly-colored rooms designed to make people feel happy.

Exhibit-goers can jump into a variety of fun-themed rooms, including a ball pit room, disco room, and confetti room, while taking photographs inside the interactive art exhibit.

"Surreal experiences, like you have to be at the place to know what it's like," said Happy Place visitor Nadia Dixon.

Visitors can jump off a double rainbow standing at 20 feet tall into a pot of balls called the "Ball of Happiness."

Dixon described the bright-colored rubber ducky cubby.

"You walk into this room and you're like 'Oh it's yellow!' and then you're like 'No! It's ducks!" she said.

The interactive art exhibit also features a whimsical super bloom room and upside down bedroom.

"Many people take photos, they take boomerangs, they post on Instagram," said Happy Place Founder Jared Paul.

Paul explains that Happy Place is one of a handful of made-for-Instagram museums growing in popularity.

"Maybe people will leave that exit door and maybe their heart will be filled with a little bit of joy. Maybe that will somehow rub off on their door or the world we live in in some small way," he said.

Happy Place will be open in Chicago through August 6. It costs $35 per ticket on the weekend and $30 on weekdays. Children 4 and under are free. For more information, visit

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