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Hanover Park Family's Yorkie Disappears From Area Pet Boarding Center

(CBS) -- A Hanover Park family is desperate to get their 10-year-old dog back - after they entrusted her to the care of a veterinary clinic that's accused of taking her outside without a collar.

Daphne was a member of the family, Kristy Blocker, told WBBM's Steve Miller.

"I mean, I've had her since she was six weeks old," Blocker said. Blocker boarded Daphne at the Hanover Park Animal Care Center while her family went on vacation, but it's been a week since the 14-pound Yorkie Peekapoo disappeared from the center.



"It's just frustrating.  My family - we're physically ill.  We can't sleep," said Blocker, who boarded Daphne when the family went on vacation.

The first night they were gone, Blocker says she got a call - four hours after the fact - that Daphne was missing. The Hanover Park Animal Care Center told her someone had taken Daphne out with three rope leads but no collar, and she ran off.

It's been a week since Daphne, the 14-pound Yorkie Peekapoo, disappeared from the Hanover Park Animal Care Center. | Kristy Blocker

"And I understand if my dog was in the kennel part and jumped (over) the fence or dug her way out...  But the fact that they brought her outside.  And they took her tags off, too.  She had no identification on her."

A manager for the Hanover Park Animal Care Center says they've been searching for Daphne "quite a bit," and she declined to comment on why the dog had been taken to an unfenced area without her tags.


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