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Hammond Police Shoot Family Dog, Claim It Tried To Bite Officer

CHICAGO (CBS) -- The manager of a Hammond fireworks store says police shot and killed one of their dogs on Tuesday morning - for no reason.

You may have heard of this dog before.

It was the middle of May when a dog named Lexi got loose from her home at Rock the Sky Fireworks in Hammond and ended up on 80-94 a few blocks away. She was rescued by Indiana State Police.

The story made the news and there was a happy ending.

lexi the dog
Lexi (Credit: Jennifer Shannon)

But, the fireworks store called Hammond Police last week because somebody set off fireworks in the parking lot.

And this week, police responded and Lexi the dog was nearby.

"So - long story short - she's very used to police officers. So she ran toward him to play with him and he shot her."

Store Manager Jennifer Shannon said Lexi died.

"Then he tried to tell us she tried to bite him - which was totally untrue."

Shannon said Lexi was six weeks pregnant.

WBBM asked Hammond Police to respond.

According to Hammond Police, the dog lunged at the officer and tried to bite him - and that the dog was not on a leash and the officer feared for his safety. So he shot the dog.

You can read the full release below:

"On 7/11/17 at approximately 11:15 AM, a Hammond police detective responded to the 7500 block of Calumet Avenue as part of a stolen vehicle investigation. When the detective approached the business at this location, a white pitbull breed canine came running out of the building. The detective attempted to walk away from the dog hoping that it was secure on a leash. The canine continued to run toward the detective. The detective attempted to run away again hoping that the dog was on a leash but quickly realized that the dog was not secure. According to the detective, the dog lunged at his right calf snapping, barking, growling and attempting to bite him. The detective feared for his safety and the safety of anyone near the business who might be passing and fired at the canine twice with his weapon striking the dog. The dog ran back into the business. When asked about the dog, the owner of the business confirmed that the dog was not on a leash or chain. The Hammond police detective was in fear for his safety believing that he was going to be attacked or mauled by the approaching canine and took the necessary steps to prevent an attack to him or anyone else in the area.
-Lt. Kellogg"

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