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Hadiya Pendleton's Mother Takes The Stand, Gives An Emotional Testimony

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Week two in the trial of reputed gang members, accused of killing 15-year-old Hadiya Pendleton, began Monday.

CBS 2's Charlie De Mar reports Pendleton's mother took the stand and gave an extremely emotional testimony.

The State asked her to remember details from the day her daughter died in 2013, specifically asking if she ever saw her daughter alive again. She paused for nearly 15 seconds with her head down and tears in her eyes before simply replying, "No."

Hadiya Pendleton's mother, Cleopatra Cowley, was forced to relive the phone call she received shortly after her daughter was shot.

"I was talking to an officer and the officer confirmed that Hadiya was going to be okay and I asked if I could talk to her. The officer said 'No, she is in the back of the ambulance and that she was alive and well,'" Cowley recalled.

Reputed gang members, Michiael Ward and Kenneth Williams, are both on trial, accused of shooting into a group of teens at Harsh Park in Kenwood. Surveillance video from the park shows teens running away after hearing gun shots.

Prosecutors say Ward and Williams thought they were shooting at gang rivals.

Chicago Police Sgt. Velma Guerrero also testified Monday, saying gang feuds in the area and surveillance video, along with witness statements, led to the arrests of Ward and Williams.

State Police Forensic Scientist Mary Wong says she tested the white car seen in the surveillance video, allegedly used by the shooters, but did not find any gun residue in the car. She told jurors that time and wear, however, can impact if gunshot particles are found.

Defense attorneys for Ward and Williams argue that there is no evidence directly linking them to the crimes. There is a confession video from Ward, but attorneys say that it was coerced after hours of questioning.


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