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Man Who Flashed His Badge After A Car Accident Is An Ex-Cop

CHICAGO (CBS) -- We now know who the man claiming to be a cop really is.

On Monday, CBS 2 showed the damage he caused after side-swiping another car.

CBS 2's Suzanne Le Mignot has learned he is actually a former police officer with a troubling past.

The couple that had their car side-swiped by that former officer said his background gives those who serve and protect in the Chicago Police Department every single day an incredibly bad name.

Sources said officer Daniel Sanchez resigned in 2018 while under investigation. Details are not available because the inquiry is not complete.

Chicago couple James and Danessa Porche said they identified Sanchez in a photo lineup Monday night for the Chicago Police Bureau of Internal Affairs. They said Sanchez hit their car in Humboldt Park Sunday afternoon. When James asked for Sanchez's insurance and license at the scene...

"He flashed his badge. He said, 'I'm a cop. You should really let this go,'" James Porche said.

Chicago police said Sanchez was cited for leaving the scene of the accident and having an invalid license plate.

A police impersonation investigation is also taking place. Sanchez was under investigation when he retired and should not have had a badge.

Information from the Invisible Institute's Citizen's Police Data Project and police records from IPRA and COPA show Sanchez had been on the force since 1991. During that time, he had 63 allegations against him.

That's more than 97% of all other Chicago police officers.

He was disciplined for 10 of those 63 allegations. Among them: Association with a felon, excessive force and insubordination. Over the course of his career, records show Sanchez was suspended for a total of 146 days.

CBS 2 was unable to reach Sanchez for comment.

A police department spokesperson said every single member of the Chicago Police Department is held to the highest standards and actions like this will not be tolerated.

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