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Gutierrez Accuses Dominick Of Intimidation In Cicero Election

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Almost a week now before Election Day in Cicero, and there are allegations of voter intimidation.

Gutierrez Accuses Dominick Of Intimidation In Cicero Election

The allegations of voter intimidation come from Congressman Luis Gutierrez and from a candidate for Cicero Town President, Juan Ochoa.

They say supporters of current Town President Larry Dominick are trying to intimidate voters.

"Only in Cicero do we see in the state of Illinois the kind of voter suppression that was evident this weekend," said Gutierrez.

A Dominick spokesman called that "ridiculous."

Reporters asked Cook County Clerk David Orr if it's likely that there are some political shenanigans.

"This is Cicero," Orr responded.

Case in point, Orr said: Chicago Police officers, off duty, with guns in the Cicero polling places last election.

"Unfortunately, there is a history there. But putting that aside, yes, there are lots of allegations. Certain things which we can do ourselves, which we are," said Orr."Other things have been turned over to the state's attorney's office. And the feds have been talked to."

Orr said, "A lot of things are happening that we don't like."

The Dominick campaign said the huge number of ballots by mail that have been requested this election needs to be looked at, implying irregularities.

But that is not how Jan Kralovec, Director of Elections for the Cook County Clerk's Office, saw it.

"Probably what happened here was that they were taken by surprise because one campaign actually got out and started distributing mail ballot applications," said Kralovev.

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