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Guilty Verdict In Teen's 2002 Disappearance

WOODSTOCK, Ill. (CBS) -- A verdict--in the death of a teenager who vanished more than ten years ago.

His body was never found but Tuesday night that didn't stop a jury from convicting a man in his death. Mario Casciaro has been found guilty of first degree murder.

The courtroom split in half, two families, and 11 years of fighting, wondering, and a verdict.

Her son just now guilty, Maria Casciaro, the mother of Mario Casciaro, said after the trial that, "They cover up."

It's a second murder trial and at its core a presumed murder. Young Brian Carrick was never found.

"It was a helluva an emotional roller coaster, up, down. I'm just glad's it over," said William Carrick, the victim's father.

Mario Casciaro, now 29, allegedly ordered the victim roughed up over a drug debt, never alleged to have dealt the fatal blow, his first trial a mistrial. A key witness with a checkered past may have been the lynch pin. Outside court, his family aghast.

"It's not fair what they're doing okay. Mario never did anything he was very honest all the time and look at what they did," said his mother, Maria Casciaro.

It was a story of teenagers and mistakes a decade ago in a little corner of McHenry County.

"Day doesn't go buy I don't think of him. Thank God I got a bunch of good memories," said William Carrick. "I'd like to think he's in heaven. The body, we'll probably never know."

Sentencing is likely the summer, and Casciaro could get between 20 to 60 years. And it's surely to be appealed.


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