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Grumpy cat "carefully chiselled" from between two walls photographed looking anything but relieved

A "curious cat" that British firefighters had to rescue after it became stuck between two walls is now rising to internet fame for its reaction. Rather than looking relieved to be out of its precarious situation, the cat was photographed looking anything but. 

Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service posted about the ordeal on Facebook, saying the calico feline was stuck "between a wall and a hard place." 

A "curious cat" had to be rescued in Lancashire, England, after getting stuck between two walls – but it looked anything but relieved once free. Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service/Facebook

"Our crews from Preston safely rescued this curious cat from their tight squeeze earlier this week. They found themselves stuck between two walls and our firefighters carefully chiselled them out safe and sound," the service wrote on Facebook. 

They posted the information along with a photo of one of the animal rescuers cuddling the cat to his chest. But hundreds of commentators were quick to notice that "curious cat looks fuming." 

"He was the reigning hide'n'seek champion until you guys turned up," one person quipped in the comments. "Now Fred from 2 alleys down in the newly crowned victor." 

"If gratitude had a face it wouldn't be this kitty cat," another person said, with yet another person adding, "The level of grump on this lil fluffy mcmurder mittens face is epic." 

Responders didn't clarify how the cat ended up in such a tight spot or where it may have ended up afterwards, but one thing is for sure, they said: "Cats always keep us on our toes." 

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