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Grub Bug Treatment Will Delay Baseball And Softball Season At 2 Chicago Parks

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Grub bugs are causing a big problem for two parks on Chicago's North Side, but getting rid of the lawn chomping critters means delaying the start of next year's youth baseball season.

The Welles Park Parents Association says no sports activities will be allowed on the fields at Welles and Winnemac parks until July of next year.

That's because of the lawn treatments necessary to get rid of the grub - also known as May beetle or June bugs. Grubs eat the roots of plants and can quickly destroy crops. They've already chewed up massive parts of the grass - making it look like a dirt field.

CBS 2's Steven Graves spoke with an expert who say that they were most likely deep in the ground feeding on roots when a heavy rain came that might have suffocated the bugs, causing them to come up.

"Grubs are supposed to be there in some numbers," said Rebecca Fyffe, Landmark Pest Management. "They're an important food source for animals. For some reason, at this particular park, nature got out of balance."

Fyffe says the bugs are not toxic or dangerous, and there may be some in your yard.

The Chicago Park District says treatment at Welles begins Thursday - with the fields being fertilized and seeded next week. That means they won't be available for play until May or June.

The baseball and softball leagues usually play from April until July.

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