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Gross! Meltdown Reveals Eyesores -- And Worse -- Along Streets, Sidewalks

(CBS) -- The snow is melting -- great.

But when it disappears, lots of other stuff is left behind. Not so great.

In planters outside Chicago City Hall, instead of flowers blooming there is a bouquet of cigarette butts.

CBS 2's Roseann Tellez reports on the leftovers are emerging.

The bright sun and warmer temperatures brought plenty of people out Monday. But the big meltdown also brought plenty of garbage and gunk to the surface.

Cigarette butts; old newspapers; food wrappers; water bottles, even a rusty umbrella. It's like a dirty archeological dig.

Some of the shopkeepers here along Armitage Avenue say they're eager to come out and sweep the stuff up. But it's still too mushy.

Another gift of the season: dog waste.

Dog Doo-Doo Emerges As Snow Melts

Darcy Demmel was at Oz Park on the North Side on Monday afternoon and says she likes dogs but not their byproduct.

"One of the things I hate most about being in the city is walking in someone else's dog doo-doo," she tells WBBM.

The city of Chicago says cleaning up after your dog is not just courtesy -- it's the law. Violators face fines of between $50 and $500.

Many areas of Chicago have signs warning dog owners to clean up, and some of them offer baggies.

There are also services in the city where a dog's DNA can be detected through its waste, so the owner can be caught.

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