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Gov. Rauner Signs The Trust Act

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Gov. Bruce Rauner signed the The Trust Act Monday, which will enact the nation's strongest state-level due process protections against the deportation of immigrants.

While the bill does not make Illinois a sanctuary state, it does say local law enforcement can't ask people about their immigration status or hold them without a warrant.

Rauner said this was not an easy bill for him to sign, adding, "There are many people who don't want me to sign this bill, many people, but I am very pro-immigration. I've been pro-immigration my whole life. I have been very pro-comprehensive immigration reform for my whole life."

The governor added that the Trust Act is a controversial, yet important, law.

"Our police officers need to focus on keeping folks safe. If we divert resources and police officers' time to paperwork, as opposed to keeping people safe, we all lose."

Police organizations support the Trust Act because, the hope is, now crime victims and witnesses won't be afraid to call the police to report crimes for fear they or a family member would be deported.

Frances Velez, a domestic violence survivor with Mujeres Latinas En Accion, says this can ease dangerous fears. "Undocumented survivors should not have to fear calling the police because they fear they or a member of their family will be deported."

Activists say the compromise is an important step.

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