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Gov. Rauner Adds Cook County To Disaster Proclamation

CHICAGO (CBS) -- There is a little improvement Sunday in one of the flood zones.

In Des Plaines, the river has crested. In Fox Lake, however, it could be several more hours before that happens.

CBS 2's Brad Edwards reports from Algonquin, where Gov. Bruce Rauner toured to asses the flood damage Sunday afternoon.

The Fox River has already swelled more than two feet above the flood stage of 9.5 feet. It should keep rising to top out near 13 feet by Tuesday.

"This flooding can be significant and we may be calling for evacuations. We are going to count on local officials to decide when to ask for an evacuation," Rauner said.

"We cannot force people to leave their homes," he continued. "People are tough -- if they've experienced a flood before, often they don't want to leave. But we are making a strong request if local officials ask for an evacuation, please honor their request. Please leave to keep your family safe -- do not stay."

Gov. Rauner has now added Cook County to the disaster proclamation.

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