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Got A Kid In The Car? No Smoking, State Lawmaker Proposes

(CBS) – Smokers who light up in a vehicle where young people are present could face stiff fines, if a state lawmaker has his way.

Legislation proposed by state Sen. Ira Silverstein, D-Chicago, would make it illegal for an adult to smoke in a vehicle with children under 18 inside.

Fines could go as high as $100.

"They can smoke in their cars but not with minor children. Why subject these young children to the smoke?" says sponsoring Sen. Ira Silverstein, D-Chicago.

Silverstein says he wants to minimize the health dangers of second-hand smoke to kids.

CBS 2's Mike Parker talked with people in Bridgeport about the idea. Few disagreed with it -- even smokers.

"I'm a smoker. I don't believe that the kids should be getting my second-hand smoke," Jerol Barouski says.

Silverstein says a half-dozen states already have a smoking ban for cars with kids inside, and at least a couple of others are considering such a law.

Under the proposed law, a police officer could not stop a vehicle solely because the driver is seen smoking with kids in the car. The stop would have to involve some other traffic violation as well.

Convertibles with the top down would be exempt.


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