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Glenbrook Hospital Nurse David Giurgiu Charged With Assaulting Patients

CHICAGO (CBS) -- David Giurgiu, a nurse at Northshore Glenbrook Hospital, was arrested and charged with sexually assaulting at least two patients, police said Friday.


David Giurgiu
David Giurgiu

Giurgiu, 26, of Glencoe, was arrested at the Glenview Police Department after questioning and charged with Aggravated Criminal Sexual Assault and Criminal Sexual Abuse.

The charges were filed after two patients at the hospital complained about Giurgiu's behavior. A judge ordered Giurgiu held without bond after a hearing on Friday afternoon.

In the first incident, in November of 2018, a woman in her 70s was assaulted by Giurgiu after she asked for a painkiller, prosecutors said. The woman said Giurgiu told her to hold out her hand. When she did, Giurgiu placed his penis in her hand and then ejaculated on her, according to court documents released Friday.

Then, this past August, a female patient in her 50s complained that she was abused by Giurgiu.  According to court documents, as he administered pain medication, Giurgiu told the woman to place her arm over the bed. Then then rubbed his genitals against her arm and then pulled down his pants. The woman turned away and Girugiu began to masturbate and ejaculated on her, prosecutors said.

Police believe there could be one more victim. Prosecutors said Girgiu confessed to the crimes.

A background check on Giurgiu's record found no prior arrests.

Northshore Glenbrook Hospital administrators have cooperated in the investigation, police said.

"We do not tolerate any behavior that threatens their safety or well-being," the hospital said in a statement. "We have terminated the individual's employment and are cooperating with local authorities in their investigation of the matter."

The next court date is Sept. 27 at 1:30 p.m.


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