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Glassdoor Data Shows Surge In Diversity, Inclusion Job Openings

CHICAGO (CBS)-- There has been an uptick in employers taking steps toward fostering more diverse and inclusive workforces.

CBS 2 is Working For Chicago and helping you find a job. On Monday, we are focusing on who's hiring.

Glassdoor data shows diversity and inclusion job openings have surged 55% since early June.

This uptick comes even while data has shown job opening overall has stalled.

Another piece of advice, for those still struggling to find work, don't dismiss an opening for a temporary job listing.

Daniel Zhao, a senior economist with Glassdoor, one of the  world's largest job and recruiting sites, there is a benefit to temporary employment, which can act as a stepping stone to more permanent employment.

Retail and customer service jobs are also still bringing workers back. In the Chicago area there are still plenty of listings.

Glassdoor has more than 150,000 local jobs posted.

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