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How To Get The Most Value Out Of A Smart Meter

The nation's energy grid is undergoing a major transformation as utility companies across the country modernize to create a Smart Grid. The change brings increased efficiency and reliability to your business. Part of this upgrade includes replacing old analog meters with new smart meters.

A smart meter automatically sends usage information from your business to your utility company. No longer will you have to wait until your monthly bill arrives to see how you are using energy. With online tools, you can view usage information from the previous day. You can use this information to understand when your energy use peaks during a specific day. With this information, you can take control, correct inefficiencies and participate in programs to reduce your energy costs.

Take the following steps to make sure you get the most value out of the smart meter installed at your business.


Register for an online account

Visit ComEd's website and sign up for My Account. This is where you will go to view usage data, utilize online tools, view outage information and perform tasks such as paying your bill.


Use data to evaluate and adjust operations to reduce costs

Many utilities provide tools to compare energy use over set periods, allowing you to determine how changes in your operations affect your energy bill. You will be able to better relate energy costs to specific projects, and even evaluate the relationship between outdoor temperatures and your energy use, which can be useful information to consider when scheduling employees.


Inquire about energy-efficiency programs

Take advantage of any energy assessment programs offered by your utility. These programs analyze your energy use and offer ways to increase efficiency in your business.

You don't have to be an expert in analytics to make use of your smart meter data. Online tools provide user-friendly information, often in the form of easily understandable graphs. You also have the option of sharing your data with a third party. You may wish to do this if you are considering a major change in operations, such as a machinery upgrade or a switch to solar power. From your online account, you will be able to send your usage data to contractors to get accurate estimates on potential savings.


Want to learn more about how smart meter-enabled tools and programs can help your small business save? Contact ComEd at 866-368-8326 or visit

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