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Gammons: Peavy Not The Same

CHICAGO (CBS) -- It may be time for struggling White Sox pitcher Jake Peavy to toss in the towel for the season.

Baseball columnist Peter Gammons told the Mully and Hanley Show on Friday: "He's not the same guy. We know when he's healthy, he's really good."

White Sox pitching coach Don Cooper told The Score on Thursday that shutting down Peavy is an option for the club right now.

Gammons said the injury-riddled Peavy's struggles are due in part to his toughness and will to win.

"He's battled back from so much," he said. "He's such a tough guy. He doesn't give in to injury.

"Sometimes I think he doesn't even know what's best for him because he wants to win so bad."

Peavy has been struggling since the early summer, with a 2-6 record since June.

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