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Fraternal Order Of Police Leaders, Trump Talk Chicago Violence

WASHINGTON, D.C. (CBS) -- President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence met on Tuesday with the top boss of Chicago's Fraternal Order of Police to discuss violence in the city.

CBS 2's Dorothy Tucker reports.

Chicago's FOP President Dean Angelo joined the National President of the Fraternity of Police and eight other union police leaders from across the country in the meeting with the president. The White House billed the get together as a "listening session," but that didn't stop the Republican leader from speaking first.

"Last year in Chicago 4,368 people were shot. Nearly 700 more have already been shot since January of this year alone. I ask what's going on in Chicago," he said.

Angelo responded by saying his officers just wanted support and to work.

"We need people to support police officers to go back to work so that they can work toward stemming the violence in our city," he said.


Federal help could be limited because of Chicago's Sanctuary city status. Attorney General Jeff Sessions threatened to halt federal funds to metropolitan areas that offer protection to immigrants. The Windy City uses some federal money to train police and buy equipment.

Angelo side-stepped a reporter's question about the Attorney General's threat to cut funding. National FOP President Chuck Canterbury Jr. stepped in to say the parent group supports the administration's position.

"We feel certain the administration is going to work with us to help reduce gun violence especially in the city of Chicago," he said.

Trump said he took measures already to enhance domestic security by creating a task force on reducing violence.

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