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Foxx's Office Establishes Multi-Agency Unit To Combat Gun Crimes

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Cook County's State Attorney said her office is spearheading a specialized, multi-agency unit to combat gun crimes in Chicago's most troubled neighborhoods.

State's Attorney Kim Foxx said the new Gun Crimes Strategies Unit is modeled on efforts in New York and San Francisco. In a speech to the City Club of Chicago, she said the idea is to combine forces to address the most violent offenders. WBBM's Political Editor Craig Dellimore reports.

"In the 7th and 11th Police Districts here in the city of Chicago, the State's Attorney's Office has provided three of our top level criminal prosecutors, who have then been matched with prosecutors from the U.S. Attorney's Office," Foxx said. "And embedded in those districts, working with our partners in the Chicago Police Department, the ATF, DEA, FBI and the U.S. Marshals building cases from the ground up."

The targets will be the most violent offenders.

"One, our law enforcement officers are able to decide fairly early on where their cases are going to go - state or federal," Foxx said. "Second, our prosecutors are doing those cases vertically, so they are there from investigation to charging. They will be the ones to prosecute these cases."

Foxx said her office will be transparent and accountable for everything it does.

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