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Foster Child In Desperate Need Of Kidney; 'Let It Be Us,' DCFS Working To Find Donors

CHICAGO (CBS)-- A severely sick foster child is in desperate need of a kidney.

Carlos, a 13-year foster child, is now at Lurie Children's Hospital.

With time running out, a DCFS case worker reached out to a non profit for help and now there's hope.

With all avenues to find a kidney exhausted, a DCFS case worker contacted Susan McConnell the founder of "Let It Be Us."

The non for profit primarily recruits foster and adoptive parents to get kids into safe loving homes.

"We are torn in a million different directions but in this case this little boy was going to die, ethically how could we not help," McConnell said.

Within 24 hours on several of the "Let It Be Us" social outlets, applications started rolling in. In fact, there are 22 applications and they expect a total of 30 applications by the end.

Michelle Prickett, who was a foster child herself, works as a coach at "Let It Be Us"is at the office talking with a new foster mom about her experience.

Both say they are not surprised people were quick to respond.

"We have a beautiful community of people that want to do the right thing," Prickett said. "They just don't know where to go.  Let It Be Us gives them an avenue to do that."

The potential donors are each getting tested now.

CBS 2 will update as soon as there's a match.

To find out if you are a match, fill out the form at

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