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When Game Becomes Obession: 'Fortnite Is Tearing My Family Apart'

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A popular game for teens is causing anxiety among parents.

The game is Fortnite, and reports suggest as many as 3.4 million people have played the video game—all at one time.

"It's one match after another. Everybody's playing. It's really fun," said Fortnite gamer, Carlos.

CBS 2's Dorothy Tucker reports on why parents are worried and what they can do to mitigate kids' obsession.

"I wouldn't say it's additive," said Edgar. "It's a good way to pass time."

Gabriela Cordos said her 13-year-old son Devon will fire up his computers as soon as he comes home from school.

"I feel that this game is like an octopus and grab him and pull him in," she said. "He plays every day, two or three hours a day, weekends more."

"We miss dinners, we miss outings because he only wants to stay home and play Fortnite."

Cordos is far from alone.

Here is a sampling of Facebook posts from parents, complaining about the game:

"He is like a functioning alcoholic."

"Fortnite is tearing my family apart."

"My son has obsessed before, but this is stupid."

Dr. Louis Kraus is a child psychiatrist, who advises parents on how to deal with obsessed children.

"The concern is when the game starts to monopolize life," Kraus said. "They need to set limits."

"For example, get your homework done, spend time with family and then you can spend time playing video games."

Sometimes, more drastic measures are required.

"For some kids, parents literally have to pull the game out of the house because the kids can't control themselves," Kraus said.



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