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Forte Understands Bears' Focus On Passing Game

(CBS) A lot of people are concerned about the Bears' emphasis on their rushing attack after a stagnant showing last Sunday against the 49ers, but Chicago running back Matt Forte isn't one of them.

Joining the Spiegel and Mannelly Show on 670 The Score on Friday morning, Forte expressed an understanding of why the Bears have gone to the air so often early in the season. At San Francisco, he carried the ball just 12 times for 21 yards. In the season opener against Buffalo, Forte had 17 carries for 82 yards. Meanwhile, the Bears have thrown the ball 83 times this season.

"Most of the time, it's how the game flows," Forte said of how much he's utilized. If we get behind early, then we're going to have to throw it a little more or if the run isn't working, sometimes you have to go to the pass. If you have the game like the first weekend we played, everything was working, so we ran and threw the ball.

"When we struggle in the run game like that, (coaches) kind of taper away from it."

Ideally, Forte said he'd like to get 10 or 12 carries in the first half so as to give the run game a chance.

"That allows you, especially in the second half ... to control the clock," Forte said.

Forte and the Bears will face another big challenge Monday against the Jets, who have the NFL's top-ranked rush defense. Listen to Forte's full interview below for his take on the game.

Matt Forte with Spiegel and Mannelly

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