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Man Who Moved From Chicago Gets His Forwarded Mail Delivered 3 Months Late

CHICAGO (CBS) -- This is one of the most epic mail fails we've heard about – and thanks to the Post Office's own letter stickers, we can show you just how lousy it was.

As CBS 2's Jermont Terry reported, we have seen long lines at post offices across Chicago and heard many complaints from people going days or weeks without mail delivery. But then there is one piece of mail that finally just arrived to Craig Kalman, very late.

"It was dated October for something that was forwarded to me at the end of January," Kalman said.

That's right – three months to get mail forwarded to him after moving from Chicago to Kansas last year. And we're not just talking one letter.

"I noticed the same day, I had another mailing with a postmark date just a few days apart that also took over three months to show up," Kalman said.

When Kalman relocated to Kansas, he followed the proper steps to forward his mailing address online.

"Unfortunately, it's my only choice," he said.

But he never imagined a delay like this.

"I have two tax forms that even though I have access to them online, they have not shown up in person yet," Kalman said.

While in Chicago, Kalman lived in the 60601 ZIP code in the Loop.

On Tuesday outside his neighborhood post office, the Fort Dearborn Post Office at 540 N. Dearborn St. in River North, we spotted several mail trucks covered in snow - buried under snow from last week's storm. CBS 2 has reported extensively about the postal problems which caught Kalman's attention online.

"One of the segments started talking about the Post Office issues going on," he said.

We reached out to the Chicago Post Office to see if forwarding mail had more delays than daily delivery. A spokesman never answered that question, only encouraging customers to file complaints for a thorough investigation.

That is something Kalman tried.

"No, never got an email back saying that it's under way. Never got a follow-up," Kalman said. "and if I try to call local post office, you can't get a hold of anyone."

Late Tuesday, some of those snow-covered mail trucks remained outside the Fort Dearborn Post Office. U.S. Rep. Bobby Rush (D-Illinois) is still calling for Chicago's postmaster to step down.

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