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Former Bears Coach Dave Wannstedt On Montgomery And QB Competition

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Bears running back David Montgomery has been among the Bears players who have been practicing together with quarterback Mitchell Trubisky at local Chicago-area parks.

The third-round draft pick came into last season with high hopes, but had an up and down season. But former Bears head coach Dave Wannstedt tells Luke Stuckmeyer that he's a big believer in Montgomery.

"I love David Montgomery. I think the only problem last year was they didn't give him the ball enough, you know? I mean, good running backs – and I've been real fortunate… I've had some good backs. I know running backs. And this kid, he needs to touch the ball 20 times a game if you want to get the maximum out of his ability," Wannstedt said.

Wannstedt also weighed in on the quarterback competition between Trubisky and Nick Foles.

"I believe it is (a good thing) for the Bears. You've got Nick Foles coming in with a great reputation – obviously, Super Bowl MVP, everything that goes along with that. So I think that can be good. I think it's going to light a little bit of a fire under Mitch if that's necessary," Wannstedt said. "I personally have been a Mitch supporter. I've been kind of out there myself. Even a year ago, I thought that Mitch has enough ability, and with that defense, and if you're going to run the ball, you can win with Mitch Trubisky."

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