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Former Bear Speedster Willie Gault Says He Could Beat DeSean Jackson In A Footrace

(CBS) Willie Gault, a speedy receiver on the Super Bowl-winning '85 Bears, isn't lacking confidence as he ages.

The 53-year-old Gault reportedly said he's faster than all but "eight to 10 guys" in the NFL and that he could beat new Redskins receiver DeSean Jackson in a footrace, according to Gault was humble enough to admit that Trindon Holliday and Chris Johnson would beat him to the tape, but he was nonetheless bold.

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Three years ago, Gault set world records in the 50-54 age group by running 100 meters in 10.88 seconds and 200 meters in 22.44 seconds.

"I just never really stopped running," Gault said at the time.  "It's really easy to get out of shape, especially when you get older, and then it's just way too hard to get back.  People get discouraged because after a few weeks they're not seeing great results, so they give up.  I never want to get out of shape.  I'll do it 3-4 times a week until I die."


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