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Follow In Oprah's Footsteps

CHICAGO (WBBM) -- If you'd like to experience a small bit of what Oprah felt as she opened her show for the first couple of decades, go by the Museum of Broadcast Communications.

As WBBM's Steve Miller reports, it's your window of opportunity to see the Oprah Door.

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From now through July 15 - weekdays - you can go by the Museum of Broadcast Communications to see the door Oprah walked through as she went on stage.

"It's a moment like this when you say, 'Yes! I am standing here looking at something that was part of the TV world that I became so familiar with."

Wally Podrazik is consulting curator.

"Probably the best analogy would be the curtains on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show. This was the entry point. This is where the star would come through. And if you look at some of the old videos of the Oprah Winfrey Show, coming through these doors, you'll see that there is a sense of grand entrance and enthusiastic welcome by the audience."

Not only can you walk through the Oprah Door. You can also leave a note for Oprah.

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