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FedEx Apologizes After Driver Tosses Computer Monitor Over Fence

(CBS) -- It's a not-so-special delivery, from FedEx just in time for the holiday rush. A viral video shows a careless driver throwing a box containing a computer monitor over a fence.

CBS 2's Vince Gerasole reports the video has FedEx working damage control during the busy holiday shipping period.

Loletta Owens, a FedEx driver in Chicago, was busy on Wednesday hauling heavy deliveries and smiling her way through the most grueling work days of the year.

"I could say I've used all of my strength," she said. "I deliver practically everything except dangerous goods, so I have to take pride in every package. I guess that would be my final answer."

Unfortunately, a YouTube video of a FedEx driver tossing a boxed computer monitor over a fence instead of ringing a customer's buzzer has received more than 3 million views, so it's been getting more play than the efforts of conscientious drivers like Owens.

FedEx Guy Throwing My Computer Monitor by goobie55 on YouTube

"If he was an actual FedEx employee, he knows better. There's no way that he didn't know proper procedure," Owens said.

The incident has even helped David Letterman deliver his latest Top Ten list on Wednesday.

FedEx centers hoped to spend these days reminding customers of their prompt holiday service.

"They can still ship on Friday and do an overnight to arrive Saturday (Christmas Eve)," said FedEx worker Evelyn Santa.

Instead, customers have reacting to the third class delivery seen in that video.

Wrigleyville resident Michael Baher said when he saw the video, "I was thankful that wasn't a TV for me. I'll tell you that much."

Fed EX has officially responded with its own YouTube video, apologizing to consumers everywhere.

"I am upset and embarrassed for our customer's poor experience. This goes directly against all FedEx values. It's just not who we are," FedEx senior vice president Matthew Thornton says in the video.

FedEx is a company of 290,000, most of them, like Owens, are very busy these days.

"Everything … even a letter, we're supposed to take pride in it," Owens said.

FedEx said it has identified the employee in the video and is working within its disciplinary policy about the incident. The employee is no longer working with customers.

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