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Fast-Food Worker Advocates Take 'Fight For $15' To Golden Arches

(CBS) – Labor activists pushing for a $15 minimum wage for fast-food workers continued their demonstrations.

Wednesday, they gathered outside McDonald's corporate headquarters in Oak Brook ahead of the annual shareholders meeting.

Earlier Wednesday, activists surrounded Chicago's Rock N Roll McDonald's to "Fight for $15."

They want a $15 per hour minimum wage in the food industry. They say the current $10 an hour minimum wage in the city of Chicago is not enough.

"This year, McDonald's, their stocks and profits are at an all-time high," says activist Kejioun Johnson. "Us as workers, we go out, we bust our butts, and to come home to a struggling lifestyle. I feel that's not fair."

As the protests went on, a former McDonald's executive predicted there could be staff cuts to save money and restaurants may one day install push-button machines to take over human jobs.

"A robot cannot say, 'Good morning. How are you?'" activist Angel Mitchell counters.

Employees say just as important as raising wage levels is to start a union to protect workers.

McDonald's said its corporate employees were working from home Wednesday and Thursday.

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