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Fantasy Stats To Be Shown At All NFL Stadiums

(CBS) Worried about being able to track your fantasy team while at the Bears game this Sunday?

You're in luck.

Starting Thursday night in Green Bay, fantasy stats will be shown at all NFL stadiums this season, according to USA Today.

Previously, it was up to each individual club to decide whether or not to show stats from other NFL games besides their own, but now the NFL is mandating it.

Facing the proposition of falling attendance for a fourth straight season, the league is trying to do everything it can to persuade fans not to sit on the couch on Sundays. With better technology and more access to NFL games on television, it's much easier to track your fantasy team at home than at a game.

The league's hope is that with updated stats inside NFL stadiums, fans will feel more connected to what's going on across the league while they cheer on their favorite team at home.

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